Lasting only 45 minutes it is a favourite for fidgets 

'Truth's Vision: Work, Love and I' played at:

  • Upstairs at The Library Pub (2011, Islington, London.)
  • The Windmill (2011, Brixton, London.)
  • Bunker's Hill as winner of Quirksome Act 2 Award (2012, Nottingham)
  • The Nursery Festival (2012, Southwark, London,)
  • Teatro España (2013, Es Cana, Ibiza) 
  • Bridewell Theatre (2013, Fleet Street, London.)


Reviews and Comments on the show

***** Five Star Review

'Imagine our added delight, when the production itself was all we could have hoped for, and more… Lily Lowe-Myers and Robyn Cooper’s highly skilled Thespian antics kept the audience captivated; their performance powered up by their striking versatility as actors, finely honed timing, and tangible on-stage camaraderie. The production, so much more than just a masterfully scripted performance piece, was underpinned with a poignant feel-good message of optimism and hope, and is undoubtedly deserving of a place on Broadway or in London’s West End. So much so, that we found ourselves clock watching, but in the right kind of way – i.e. willing the 45 minute performance never to end!' Cat Weisweiller - journalist (ibiCASA/Detodo) Link here

'I loved it!' Josie Lawrence, Comedienne

'With compassion, with humour, with insight, the play looks at Graces life as she balances work, love, herself with these conflicting sides.' Cat Milton, editor in chief, Ibiza Spotlight

'Incredibly uplifting' - Greg Tallent, Organiser of The London Fringe Festival

'I was sceptical. It was awesome' - Martin, ordinary bloke

'Fabulous! Made me laugh and made me think. The best half hour I've spent in a long time' - Andy Pakula, Minister of New Unity

'I want to say how wonderful your show was. I really did enjoy it and was very impressed by the writing and performing. I'll definitely recommend to people' - Donal Rogers, Organiser of The Little Proms

'This is great! a really smart, funny, engaging show. go and see it!' - Ben Clare, Playwright and publications manager at The National.

'Rare to see such a huge combination of talent, charisma and chemistry in 30 minutes' - Anne Laponen 

Hatstand Productions

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