Lily Lowe-Myers and Robyn Cooper have over 25 years of experience creating work together. 

But we won't put details on here of some of our earliest projects! For example 'Brotherly Love' performed in the French Pyrenees or Robyn dressed as a giant kung-fu baby aged nine (a taster of her international Taekwondo medal that followed).



Written and directed by Robyn Cooper

Self Raising

Written and directed by Robyn Cooper 


Written and directed by Lily Lowe-Myers

Truth's Vision - Ibiza

Written and directed by Lily Lowe-Myers


Written and directed by Lily Lowe-Myers 

The Dark Room

Directed by Alexander Holt and Lance Roehrig

Truth's Vision 

Written by Lily Lowe-Myers

The Silent Picnic

Written by Robyn Cooper

The Jermyn Street Showcase 

But...Sometimes is a 5 minute short film exploring Anxiety and the difficulty in seeking help. Inspired by Robyn's personal experience with the illness, she chose to write about it in the hope to encourage others with a similar struggle.

Self Raising tells the story of a young woman tormented by depression and grief. As the story unwinds, the events that led her to here are revealed as she starts to fight her way back to a hopeful normality.



Nicola goes to feed her neighbour's cat, but discovers much more about her own life than she ever imagined.

Affairs, jealousy, attempted murder and life-changing friendship weave together as we embark on the evening that will change her life forever.

A contemporary dark- comedy with an original musical score composed by Omar Shahryar. 

A two-woman roller coaster of drama, song, dance and martial arts. Award-winning new writing. 

The Library Pub (2011, Islington, London.)The Windmill (2011, Brixton, London.)Bunker's Hill as winner of Quirksome Act 2 Award (2012, Nottingham) The Nursery Festival (2012, Southwark, London,)Teatro España (2013, Es Cana, Ibiza) Bridewell Theatre (2013, Fleet Street)

Lily directed and played the lead in this short film in 1996.

A tale of a young girl who is left alone with only her memories after being omitted to hospital.

Robyn played her spoilt sister in this film that won Broadway's National Crime and Thriller Competition 'Shot's in the Dark', judged by Shane Meadows.

Robyn and Lily starred alongside each other in this dark thriller by Quicksilver Productions.

Anything for art. A photographer holds a dark secret and is his new girlfriend about to find out...

Award winning two-hander about life, love and how to win over ourselves. 

Truth's Vision is a 50 minute cabaret show using song, dance, martial arts and puppetry to take the audience on a roller-coaster ride through the inner workings of our heroine's mind.  


Robyn and Lily star in this beautiful 10 Minute Short detailing friendship, fear, fun and adventure.

Lily and Robyn joined Austin Hardiman and  Brett Findlay for a showcase extravaganza. 5 different scenes and 2 songs directed by the critically acclaimed director Eve Leigh. 

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