Cleopatra kills herself with a poisonous asp.

Her servants Charmian and Iras have to honour their duty and follow her into the afterlife.

Only one problem.

They are not so keen on the idea.

Hatstand Productions, the masters of the perfectly sized musical, take you on a journey of twists and turns, bringing you a dark comedy of life, death, murder and hope. With show stopping musical numbers and their infamous cut throat banter, being stuck in a tomb has never been so much fun!

Written by Lily Lowe-Myers and composed by Omar Shahryar

Performed 2015-2016

London (Bridewell Theatre) 

York (Drama Barn) 

Ibiza (Teatro EspaƱa and Centro Cultural) 

"A curious, emotionally complex and impressively silly scenario...

this somewhat weird and witty piece set on the Nile certainly made me smile." The Musical Theatre Review


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