A 35 minute radio play exploring a mother's power to change the world. 

Listen here:

Subtitled A Mother's Voice in English on YouTube

Eighty years between them, 1940 & 2020, two mothers live in very different times but share a profound challenge - how to find hope to act for their baby’s future. 

Margot does not know if her child will grow up under fascist rule. Ishbell worries about an uninhabitable planet. How can they navigate their fears, denial, hopes and dreams and find their own unique journey to living with no regrets?

Written when her baby was under a year old, Lily Lowe-Myers draws inspiration from her own experience of motherhood in the face of the climate crisis and her son’s great grandmother, a code-breaker at Bletchley Park who shared her story, aged 94, with Lily and her son a week before she died.


A Mother's Voice' is written by Lily Lowe-Myers

Ishbell is played by Lily Lowe-Myers and Margot by Robyn Cooper. 

Directed by Tom MalcolmWright

Original music composed by Omar Shahryar,

Edited by Craig Busek

Sound design by Christopher Reidy

Original Image by Rahana Banana

'A Mother's Voice' is presented by Hatstand Productions in association with HearFirst Productions and Carbon Theatre.

The project is supported by the National Lottery Community Fund.

What to do next?

For more information on the climate crisis and some actions you can take, a website we find useful is A Green Solution 
If you would like to find out about local mother groups wanting to take action in Leytonstone or Hackney please email amothersvoiceplay@gmail.com
Family friendly climate crisis protest actions with XR Families 
Therapists specialising in climate anxiety

Find your local Transition Group 

Brilliant free online Active Hope Training course

Really good read: All We Can Save

Podcast: How to Save a Planet

Videos - SGI's webinars on Bodhissatvas For The Earth

Leytonstone What Can You Do? Sheet

Hackney What Can You Do? Sheet

UK What Can You Do? Sheet

Margot -Character Inspiration

The character of Margot was inspired by Sheila Heal - a Bletchley Park code breaker and Lily's son's great grand mother. Sheila kindly shared her memories with Lily and Harry, and let Harry play with her medals,a week before she died, at the age of 94. 

More information on Bletchley Park and the Code Breakers work


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