A Mother's Voice is Hatstand Productions' latest project.  A radio play exploring the power of mothers to change the world. 

'A Mother's Voice' written by Lily Lowe-Myers

Ishbell was played by Lily Lowe-Myers and Margot by Robyn Cooper. 

Directed by Tom Wright

Original music composed by Omar Shahryar,

Edited by Craig Busek

Sound design by Christopher Reidy

Image by Rahana Banana


'A Mother's Voice' is presented by Hatstand Productions in association with HearFirst Productions and Carbon Theatre.

The project is supported by the National Lottery Community Fund.

***The character of Margot was inspired by Sheila Heal - a Bletchley Park code breaker and Lily's son's great grand mother. Sheila kindly shared her memories with Lily and Harry, a week before she died, at the age of 98.

*** To be checked and corrected

***Photo of Harry, Lily and Sheila***

Subtitled in English on YouTube

For more information on the climate crisis and some actions you can take, a website we find useful is agreensolution.co.uk 
For links to family friendly climate crisis protest actions : www.facebook.com/ExtinctionRebellionFamilies
Therapists specialising in climate anxiety: www.climatepsychologyalliance.org
Local community forums for mothers (to follow).

To learn more




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