Showing at 'From the Forest' Theatre Festival 2018 - Friday 22nd 8:45pm & Sat 23rd June 7:00pm

At Mirth, Marvel and Maud, Walthamstow. Tickets available here

“Lowe-Myers’s tightly scripted and intriguingly mesmeric play.”
“This pair are gold dust: what a great team – it’s not the first time they’ve acted together in their Hatstand Productions – and they are adept at drawing the audience in, creating tension, and putting on unsettling display the full gamut of emotions that are meant to be being suppressed.”
“These two, Lowe-Myers and Cooper, give us an acting masterclass, aided and abetted by director Matt Costain, that begs… no, demands… no deserves an audience.”
Full 5* review from londontheatre1 available here
Everybody is searching for happiness.
But what if it was the only emotion allowed?
In a utopian dystopia not too many years from our own, a woman finds herself at a crossroads.
Does she say goodbye to regret, fear and anger or fight for the right to suffer?


Writer: Lily Lowe-Myers

Cast: Lily Lowe-Myers & Robyn Cooper

Director: Matt Costain

Produced by Hatstand Productions

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