Nicola goes to feed her neighbour's cat, but discovers much more about her own life than she ever imagined.

Affairs, jealousy, attempted murder and life-changing friendship weave together as we embark on the evening that will change her life forever.

A contemporary dark- comedy with an original musical score composed by Omar Shahryar.

Performed by Lily Lowe-Myers and Robyn Cooper with Omar Shahryar on piano.

Performed 2014

London (Bridewell Theatre and Nursery Theatre Festival) 

Ibiza (Teatro España and Centro Cultural)

"This show was absolutely fantastic - funny, modern and highly entertaining.  Fantastic music and acting, and an ending I was not expecting at all. Bravo, I will definitely be back."

Audience review. Time Out 


"…a theatre performance that should not be missed…"

Mouth London

Hatstand Productions

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